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  1. African-American and Urban Clothing and Fashion Products.
  2. Arts and Crafts supplies — discount art supply store offering a wide selection of arts, crafts, books, and much more. Database includes products for both the professional and amateur artist.
  3. Bags, Luggage and Travel Supplies — from backpacks and carry-ons to computer cases and handbags, this web site combines the best selection of products with unrivaled service and extremely competitive prices.
  4. Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen — Remodeling Essentials
  5. Batteries, Chargers and AC Adapters: Best-Engineered and Environmentally Friendly
  6. Baby Bedding, Children's Furniture, Cribs, Baby Gear
  7. Binoculars, Rifle scopes, Spotting scopes and other Optical Instruments and Accessories — A web site offering quality optical gear. Buying guides to help you make informed purchases and How-To tips to help you use these instruments
  8. Building and Architecture Guide -- Resource for: Redesigning / Renovating Apartments and Houses; Home Construction; How to Design and Build Your Own House; more.
  9. Industrial Manufacturing Resources: Careers, Jobs, Products
  10. Car and Automotive Restoration and Customization — Unique Automotive Tools and Supplies
  11. Car Resources and Support — Auto parts, accessories and car-care products. Helpful articles and How-To tips. Book recommendations for automotive technical skill-building.
  12. Cavalry-to-the-Rescue support organization — Gear and equipment for hunting, military surplus, police and survival. Featuring an extensive collection of knives (including pocket/folding knives), chef's knives, hunting knives, diving knives, combat & military knives, daggers, sharpening stones and more.
  13. clothes-for-less.com: Durable, Comfortable Clothing, Belts, Wallets, Money belts, Suspenders, and more ...at Affordable Prices
  14. Costume Resource Basics — Infant Costumes, Children's Costumes, Adult Costumes (All Sizes: XSmall -- XXXXL), Medieval costumes, Renaissance Costumes, Wigs, Masks, Makeup and Props.
  15. CRON-WEB.orgCalorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition. Resources for low-calorie diets.
  16. Customer Resource Basics — Featuring a diverse range of products, including industrial and professional supplies. [ Career Guide for Technicians relocated here ] [Convenient At-Home Shopping relocated here]
  17. Carpentry Resources and How-To Tips
  18. Deutsche-Produkte.net - Qualitätseinkaufen für Deutschland: Exklusive Mode für Damen, Herren und Kinder sowie außergewöhnliche Wohnaccessoires können einfach und bequem online bestellt werden.
  19. Dust Control, Air Purification & Filtration: Information & Resources for Improving Indoor Air
  20. hardware9.com - DIY and Building Supplies -- fasteners, electrical, hand tools, plumbing supplies, more.
  21. Do-It-Yourself Resources: Supplies and Tips for Flooring, Carpeting and Rugs
  22. Equipment for Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Hunting and more
  23. Fitness and Exercise Equipment for Home or Gym
  24. Flooring Products, Home Bedding and Linens
  25. Walfordians Hobby Shop -- Hobbies, Toys and other Unique items for Kids and Adults that are Kids at Heart
  26. Household Appliances — High-Quality, High-Reliability Appliances for Your Home
  27. United States Construction Resources and Support [crsupport.us] — Specializing in indoor and outdoor home lighting, light fixtures, ceiling fans, lamps, and electrical lighting accessories.
  28. Home Furniture, Accents and Decoration essentials — This site offers a selection of high-quality bedding, bath, and home décor; closet organizers, cedar chests, hangers, garment racks, plastic boxes, and shoe racks; shower curtains and more.
  29. Home Inspection, Improvement, Renovation and Remodeling
  30. Yard, Lawn and Garden supplies -- basic care, container gardening, seasonal tip and extensive how-to guides.
  31. "The Construction Resources Folks" -- Home Repair, Improvement and Hardware: Products and Tips for Do-it-Yourself Projects
  32. Info-Source.us: IT information resource
  33. Industrial Electronics — Electrical Resources for Manufacturing and Government Applications: including Cable & Wire Managers and Cord Covers.
  34. Industrial-Electricity -- Information + Resources for Students and Industry
  35. Internet-Resources.us — Everything from audio books, bags, shoes, knife kits, to pet-care supplies and shower curtains.
  36. Loan-Equity.com — Equity Line of Credit, Student Loan Consolidation and other Financial Advice
  37. Maintenance Industrial --Innovative Solutions for Manufacturing and Industry.
  38. Managing-Debt.net — Tips in paying off credit cards with a home equity loan, debt consolidation, lender fees, moorages and more.
  39. Measurement Testing — A Forum Dedicated to Environmental Testing, EMC Testing, Vibration Testing and related areas
  40. Basic Composer Resoirces -- Musical Instruments and Recording Equipment including Guitars, Drums, Microphones and more
  41. Information and Supplies for Outdoorsmen and Sportsmen — Camping, Fishing, Boating, Archery, and more.
  42. Personal Care and Wellness products and Medical, Health & Exercise supplies — Products for diabetics, ostomy, incontinence, non-prescription pharmacy items and various other home-health-care and family-planning products.
  43. Pet supplies, pet medication, vaccines, nutrition and diet products for animals
  44. Restaurant and Kitchen Supplies: Tools and Equipment for Professional Chefs and Home Cooks — offering products such as dinnerware, flatware, serveware, bakeware, knives, bar and wine accessories, catering supplies, and janitorial supplies.
  45. Sewing Machines, Embroidery Machines, Sergers, How-To Maintenance Tips and FAQ
  46. DIY Electronics and Computer -- whole systems, components and parts for modern electronics hardware [direct link]
  47. Tools and Equipment for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Use
  48. UK and Europe DIY Do it Yourself: Home Improvement, Repair, Lawn and Gardening: Products and Information.
  49. UK Clothing & Outdoor Gear
  50. UK Shopping Mall — from furniture to electricals, toys to sports and leisure items, Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear & Nursery, Sportswear & Equipment, Home & Garden, Appliances, Electronics, Leisure & Hobbies, Toys & Gifts, and more.
  51. United States Travel, Vacation and Holiday Resources
  52. Equipment and Products for Medical, Health, Fitness, and Exercise — Consumer and professional medical supplies, health, fitness and exercise products.
  53. Woodworking Supplies, Hardware, Tools, Plans, Finishing — this site also features an extensive library of carpentry and wood-crafts books
  54. "Your Online Pharmacy: Specializing in Diabetes, Incontinence & Ostomy supplies"
  55. wet-basement.net -- Wet basement and waterproofing, foundations (incl. crack repair), floors, floods and water emergencies. Solutions, DIY, tips and suggestions for selecting professional contractors.
  56. Uniquize.com
  57. The Search Engineer

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